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Begin reading naruto 697 in this naruto manga blog. This is naruto manga 697 chapter scans online. naruto chapter 697 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date. Think of it as a controlled war. Wars start any where from anyone. With him being the most powerful and the highest threat what do you think people will do. Focus on him instead of them selves, unity like you said.

naruto 697 chapter

With this he can control the casualties and deaths of the attack against him, and obviously deaths will occur as a small sacrifice to save the many is what he intended. Defeating that common enemy will only bring back themselves to the little squabbles that will eventually bring them back to facing against them selves. Heres an example: remember when the first kage summit meeting. Sand village wanted more out of a deal like money instead of a bijuu. Because of the poor enviroment they all live in they saw no benefits out of the deal. Right then and there the kages all had problems with it. The Word different will always cause conflict. Different culture, different environment, different morals, different mind set. People can work towards harmony with it but not without conflicts first.

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One Piece chapter 765 | One Piece 765 Raw

Begin reading one piece 765 in this one piece manga blog. This is one piece manga 765 chapter scans online. one piece chapter 765 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date. Even if for some reason DD didn’t trust Corazon to tell him what Vergo’s mission was, there is no way that Corazon wouldn’t have passed on Vergo’s existence and disappearance for his secret mission on to Sengoku.

one piece 765 raw

And in this chapter we see Vergo walk into Sengoku’s office and introduce himself as Vergo. I don’t see any way that Corazon could be spying on DD’s crew and feeding back info to Sengoku yet somehow “overlook” Vergo altogether. If Corazon was working directly for Sengoku i’m sure DD’s crew was under a microscope. I’m know there will be some type of an answer for it, i’m just not sure what. I’m thinking ever since it was revealed those of D are the enemies of the Tenryuubito I believe the rivals of god are devils. What I seen when Vergo and Sengoku was Vergo a strong young man with a lot of determination, that could easily fool any marine into thinking he was a upright and straightforward guy. I can’t see Sangkou, That strict Sangoku letting Vergo in knowing his past history.

It still makes me think Sangoku knows about the kids and the Doflamingo pirates , but Vergo and Monet was secret agents that even Corazon didn’t know about , it seems that a timeskip between the 1st and 2nd Corazon happened .

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Bleach chapter 602 | Bleach 602 Raw

Begin reading bleach 602 in this bleach manga blog. This is bleach manga 602 chapter scans online. bleach chapter 602 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date. Of all the RG Nimaiya’s the safest one probably. He might be defeated, but he can’t really be killed since he and the Asauchi only he can provide are necessary to keep the G13 running. Without him, there are no Asauchi > no Zanpakuto > no Hollows purified or Pluses sent on to SS > Balance of Souls goes to shit > everything collapses.

bleach 602 raw manga

Not saying you meant he’d die though, because as we all know good guys just don’t die except for Yamamoto. And Sasakibe, but he barely counts as a character tbh. Just pointing it out. To my understanding the Royal Guards are not purely running on thier own strength and abilities, but were boosted by the Soul King somehow as it was already sorta hinted with the key in their bones, and their bizare abilities never seen anywhere else before. These abilities seems to be beyond Zanpaktou, and beyond Kido, then what is it? To me, it seems like abilities granted by the Soul King.

I wonder if he even has a Zanpakuto though. From the looks of it the sword he’s using now is just a special Asauchi. He did say Asauchi can become anything, so maybe as the man with the greatest knowledge of Zanpakuto he’s able to pick up any Asauchi and turn it into his Zanpakuto, or maybe combine the Asauchi with any of the Zanpakuto ladies he has running around his palace.

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