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Read naruto 686 English Scan, click on pics below to start reading naruto 686 English Scan online at naruto narutosurf or download naruto 686 English Scan now. Pretty sure Sasuke wouldn’t treat Sakura nicely even if he needs her because he knows she’ll do whatever it takes to save the world and help Naruto and Sasuke. So again, it’s pretty much proof that Sasuke is changing for the better. Why would he take the time to explain how his technique works when he didn’t even want to tell Sakura and Kakashi about what happened outside of Susano’o? Can’t really argue against manga facts.

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It is if he remains consistent with that pursuit, and he has thus far. It’s as simple as comparing his original reactions to answers he gained, and his reactions recently. Where? What has Sasuke done after meeting Hashirama that even resembles a murderous psychopath? His attempt to kill Madara? Obito? Or the bijuu? Because these are the only instances, and every ninja on the battlefield has attempted the same. Old Sasuke: hears from Obito that Itachi was used by Konoha, wants to destroy Konoha because of it. Later hears from Itachi that he chose that life, still wants to destroy Konoha, but decides to listen to reason first. New Sasuke: hears from Sarutobi that Itachi was used by Konoha, but only because he wanted to be, then he decides to protect Konoha in Itachi’s name.

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One Piece 754 English Scan | One Piece 754 Raw

Read one piece 754 English Scan, click on pics below to start reading one piece 754 English Scan online at one piece narutosurf or download one piece 754 English Scan now. I can’t help but think that I’ve insulted the wrong people. Of course there is nothing wrong with getting creative and having ideas. I do that all the time too, in every post that I write.

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What pissed me off was that people were making up such an unrealistic scenario and then complaining about it and saying stuff like: “If that happens, I will never read the manga again. Oh, really.
I don’t like the notion of writers as service providers. Writers are artists and can write whatever they want in their stories.
“If you wanna complain, at least stay reasonable and complain about stuff that actually happened, while keeping in mind that the story is not exclusively written for you  is what I wanted to say to these people, but it came out harsher than I wanted it to and it seems there was collateral damage.  It’s not even only in Shounen series, but go and watch any film that revolves around fighting. You will typically see the same things as in Shounen series, the heroes will always have impressive battles against either groups of enemies or a powerful “boss” type enemy.

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Bleach 590 English Scan | Bleach 590 Raw

Read bleach 590 English Scan, click on pics below to start reading bleach 590 English Scan online at bleach narutosurf or download bleach 590 English Scan now. So Gasille is a dude, if there was a anime I wonder how would they voice him. Bambita is dead, but unlike Unahara she is coming back, she is back as a zombie. And Mayuri is back, now the numbers are starting to even out a bit, and Mayuri always fights the sickos, and always out sickos. Gasille you might think you a sick person, but Mayuri will put you so shame.

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Ichigo issues with boobs. He isn’t bleeding out of his nose, he’s not being pervy about it. He’s calmly saying that maybe it’s a little too revealing. Compared to those other Shounen leads you mentioned, Ichigo is taking the high road. I’ll be the first one to say that Ichigo and Inoue should just get together already, but Ichig does not have issues with women. It’s not his fault that his fellow Shounen heroes either react to boobs like idiots ornot at all. and seriously, Natsu just gropes women. So is Yumichika and Ikkaku down, again. Is Kubo really not gonna let them get proper fights? Still don’t get why Ikkaku doesn’t just go for that femritter by using Hozukimaru’s extension ability or why Yumichika doesn’t just use Ruri-o Kujaku on her from afar? Is this really the time to be hiding abilities. Didn’t we already go through this stupid lesson with both Ikkaku and Yumichika back in the FKT battle where Ikkaku lost to Poe because he refused to use Bankai and Yumichika just got lucky Charlotte’s ability hid his reiatsu and presence so he could use his true Shikai. Best part of the chapter was Mayuri showing up. Finally, I’ve wanted to see him fight for a long time now. I was hoping he’d fight Nakk La Varr, but I guess not. I hope this fight is going to be good.

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Claymore 153 English Scan | Claymore 153 Raw

Read claymore 153 English Scan, click on pics below to start reading claymore 153 English Scan online at claymore claymoresurf or download claymore 153 English Scan now. I interpret that scene as Teresa not paying attention, but I generally agree that Galatea has a wider range, but it might not be that much more than what Teresa is capable of Clare sensing Galatea over a huge distance, surely Teresa is capable of that as well. Surely you’re not saying someone of Teresa’s level (much less a sensor of her caliber) would fail to recognize an AB when she saw one, regardless of how that AB is disguised.


Anyway, Teresa knew Rosemary had awakened, what she wasn’t sure about was whether she had done so before or after sending the Black Card. Indeed she doesn’t have to be, but nevertheless being a monster guarantees her to be better than almost anyone else at virtually everything. That’s basic attributes I’m talking about, by the way, not special techniques. But as it happens sensing is her forte, so yeah. The little tidbit from Raki was interesting. Makes you wonder what Isley was really thinking, his feelings towards Priscilla and Raki as well. All the appreciation to the other claymores Clare would have never given voice to them, so it takes Teresa to ultimately tell them how Clare feels. ‘Twas a nice touch to actually get it out in the open. And everybody’s here time for the final showdown. I’m not entirely sure which way I want this to go. Thematically, it makes sense for Clare/Teresa to finish this on their own, going back to the twin goddesses wondering if/how that’s going to be worked into things. However, it’s a bit sad to see everyone else just relegated to the sidelines now.

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Naruto 686 Chapter – Sasuke’s Path!

Are you searching for the new naruto 686 manga scans? Then, you have come at the right place because naruto 686 will be released here soon. If you have anything to share regarding naruto 686 predictions or naruto 686 raw spoiler, please leave every of your message at the comment section. For example we have never seen someone create an Amaterasu big enough to consume a city, it always starts relatively small and the flames have to spread. The same is true for Kamui, for a long time Kakashi only seemed to be able to warp things about the size of a person. In the war though he was suddenly able to warp the Eight tails. Its kind of an inconsistency but to be honest I don’t think that Kishimoto put a lot of thought into the limits of the ability and he has basically just adjusted it for the convenience of the plot.

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It’s sort of like how originally Amaterasu could burn through anything instantly, it was said in one of the datebooks that it was as hot as the sun. Itachi’s first use of Amaterasu instantly burned through Jiraiya’s toad stomach which was said to be impenetrable. Yet later on when Sasuke uses it, on a ninja they rip his armor off and save him. It was totally inconsistent, Kishimoto just didn’t want Sasuke to be a murderer at that point so he protected him. Naruto will get the Flying Thundergod technique by the end of the series but its hard to say. Kishimoto seems to like to leave his major characters with a least some techniques that are uniquely their own so that might not happen. Even though Sasuke got Itachi’s eyes he never got the divine weapons to go with his Susanoo. Flying Thundergod seems to be Minato’s last remaining unique ability so in the end Kishimoto might decide to leave that ability unique to him. I think that Sasuke and Naruto have always had different abilities and I would prefer for it to stay that way. I don’t mind if they both get time/space techniques but I think that if they do get them they should be very different techniques. That is why the only time/space technique I would want Naruto to get would be flying thundergod. I don’t think that Naruto should ever get Eye techniques.

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One Piece Chapter 754 Raw | One Piece 754

Are you searching for the new one piece 754 manga scans? Then, you have come at the right place because one piece 754 will be released here soon. If you have anything to share regarding one piece 754 predictions or one piece 754 raw spoiler, please leave every of your message at the comment section. Not entirely related to the chapter but since the SHs are facing one of the 19 families who created the world government I wonder if they will face any other families directly meaning certain tenryuubito or just the world govt as a whole meaning the marine.

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But I don’t think she would join she seems to be a pacifist, unwilling to hurt anyone. A pirate has to at least be able to defend him/herself, even if that means hurting the enemy. I would be disappointed if one of the executives was enough to keep him busy. After all, he now got his strongest weapon his pointy head back and he was strong even before that. He’s got good haki too. I thought you guys were being sarcastic about injecting sea water into Doflamingo lol but everybody seems to be commenting on it. Trace amounts of salt water wont do anything to devil fruit users the body already has a certain amount of saline in it. A person, any person, is more likely to have bigger problems if they had air bubbles injected into their blood.

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Bleach Chapter 590 Raw | Bleach 590

Are you searching for the new bleach 590 manga scans? Then, you have come at the right place because bleach 590 will be released here soon. If you have anything to share regarding bleach 590 predictions or bleach 590 raw spoiler, please leave every of your message at the comment section. Those are good points to add here. I guess we do need some more information regarding what juhabach ultimately aims to do with the whole balance of soul thing. If people really die from it then it simply cannot be justified. The hollow bit is a little more of a grey area.

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A quincy hunting down hollows is something that should not be allowed under any circumstances, its not like human souls choose to become like that. Completely eradicating a soul out of existence is actually worst than what hollows do to people, the issue is that when quincy do it it looks like they are killing monsters rather than people when the reality is completely different. A quincy killing a hollow should be an absolute last resort. As Haschwald earlier stated that anyone that´s hurt or killed by a quincy weapon becomes the property of the emperor and absorbed by him upon death, I say that this is what have happened to every single victim for the Quincies over the last millennium so far, this is how Ywach regained his body, mind and soul until he could rise again all according to the prophecy. And I guess that when a hollow is killed, it´s broken down to basic energy and therefor not toxic anymore for him to absorb.
So just get rid of Ywach and the quincies would be harmless to the balance.

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