Fairy Tail 365 | Fairy Tail 365 Scans

Fairy tail manga 365 will be posted here when fairy tail chapter 365 scans is out! We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as fairy tail chapter 365 is available. Though infiltrating Tartaros will be dangerous with only 2 of them but Natsu is also coming to “rescue” them which might spoil Mira and Erza’s plan.

fairy tail 365

Anyway this is a great chapter, the plot is moving smoothly, there are many cliffhangers, OS is back along with Jellal and Meredy, and I also like Erza and Mira’s interaction whether its the fight scene or even not. The two women down and out, Crawford walks from his destroyed house, grinning maliciously as he scoops the duo up and reports to a Lacrima crystal that he has captured two subjects. From Tartarus’ headquarters, Kyouka congratulates him, asking him to return to their base as soon as possible.

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