One Piece 734 | One Piece Manga 734

This page will soon be updated with one piece 734 Manga scans, one piece 734 raw spoilers or when one piece 734 English scans is out. Cavendish has nice bounty so Sabo might hear about his abilities. Second option for me is Burgess, what if he got tired of waiting/got new orders from BB and he rushed to take the fruit faster than rules predict? His first fight in the arena ended in similar situation (everyone were lying on the ground after few seconds) and he also got quite the reputation, and is important figure in new world so people would speak about his abilities.

one piece manga 734

But haki shouldn’t be able to knock out Cavendish, Chinjao praised his strength and we’ve seen many people use it only to beat random weaklings (Rayleight didn’t knock out Luffy, Law, Kidd or any present member of their crew, Chinjao also only knocked up weaklings, also Luffy in Marineford did the same) and I doubt Rebecca would knock out fighters of such renown with her first use of this haki.

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