Fairy Tail 366 Spoiler | Fairy Tail Manga 366

Begin reading fairy tail 366 in this fairy tailmanga blog. This is fairy tail manga 366 chapter scans online. fairy tail chapter 366 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date. I’m still wondering if we’ll get another twist and that Jellal is not the last key, but instead it’s Ultear. If this is true, this would set things up really nicely with Silver. Ultear was the one who saved him before, and now it’s Gray’s turn to protect her. Gray’s biggest problem is his guilt complex over Ur’s death and Ultear’s sacrifice. If Ultear is the last of the keys, this would give Gray the opportunity to get over that complex of his and resolve it.
fairy tail 366 scans

Silver being his father would provide the perfect conflict for him. Ultear is the legacy of his master and who he swore to protect at all costs. But to do that, he’ll likely have to kill his own father for it. Well to put it simply the chapter was pretty great if we look over all the nudity in this chapter. Let’s hope that one of the demons gives us a little clue on why Natsu is so special. If we look at it powerwise than none of the demons is in league with Natsu. Cause Jellal once said it Natsu’s power is unlimited and Igneels flames destroy all evil. We have to imagine Natus as a Yamamoto of Bleach that doesn’t know how to unlock all the power he has inside himself.

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