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The people of Dressrosa are truly representative of people, One Piece 799 Scans, quick to judge and easy to buy with straight forward explanations.

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A showdown between Luffy and Fujitora is an interesting sight to see. And it’s not that ridiculous that Luffy is going against an Admiral. He beat Doffy who manage to fight in par with Fuji.

Fujitora was chasing him and attacking Luffy and co with rubble apparently (he used gravity). Luffy simply retaliated. Take this with a grain of salt since Aohige’s summary isn’t out yet. Fujitora took no damage. It will be interesting to see their fight and difference between him and Sabo. Luffy will really stop to fight an admiral. Despite the realist opinion that Luffy would lose, Luffy really need this battle, 1 on 1. Law might probably interrupt them though. So no talk about Nagi-Nagi inheritor, fine by me. Rather cruel for Sengoku to tell Corazon saved Law not because of his affection on to Law. Just for this once, the Will of D is kinda annoying. Luffy needs this fight if for nothing other than just to lose. I think luffy needs to have some more motivation to get stronger. although i think he still has stuff to show.

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Nemu’s name being revealed isn’t all that significant to me–especially in regards to the current story. Bleach 641 Manga, I would argue that the “big secret” is a possible power she may wield.

bleach manga 641
Pernida declaring that he is and has always been a Quincy comes as no surprise. The Soul King is a soul king, which would mean he reigns over all types of souls, Quincy included.

Nothing particularly surprising about the battle, Pernida isn’t going to be that easy to bring down. It seems that we’re finally going to get background on Nemu, which has been a long time coming. I’m pretty excited to see what’s up with her and Mayuri. I think the secret is that mayuri actually gives a crap. Back when we first saw mayuri and nemu fight mayuri used her at his own discretion without regard to his safety. In turn now we have seen him order her to stay away from combat and even protected her during battle, two things which he would have never done in his earlier fights. She even has her own name.

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Although this isn’t an impossible scenario, it is highly unlikely given that nobody said or  knows about it. Fairy Tail 450 Scans, I imagine if Yuriy’s wife was murdered, somebody would know about it.

fairy tail 450 scan
A lot of people speculate that Yuriy is God Serena. Its possible, I’m not saying that it is not. I always thought that Yuriy looked more like Sting Eucliffe instead of God Serena, but it is possible that God Serena is Yuriy.

Even though God Serena is Yuriy, I highly doubt that God Serena is an undercover agent working for the Alvarez Empire. I imagine the strategist on Alvarez’s side would see through that and if not, why would Zeref allow Yuriy to work for him. If Zeref had Yuriy, it’d be almost too easy to get FH. Simply threaten Yuriy and force FT to hand over FH. Either way, I agree that God Serena can be Yuriy, it’s just not to me. If zeref doesn’t care anymore then why is he thankful to makarov for raising natsu and why didn’t zeref kill natsu in the Tartaros arc. Zeref cares for natsu so much should be clear and this is further shown that Zeref wants to piss natsu off so that natsu won’t have any other option but to want to murder Zeref. He wants natsu to hate him as much as natsu hates Acnologia. About Igneel: Igneel is talking about the being whose ass he kicked and Acnologia is also older than 400 years old so yeah Igneel knows exactly what he is talking about. And why I think he is right is because Acologia came to destroy the book of END. If Acnologia doesn’t have anything to fear of END then why was he trying to destroy the book of END.

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And it seems that most of people think they had what they deserve honestly that make me a littel angry their goal was very hypocrite but it that hypocrisy which is interestieng with the caracter, Magi 278 Manga, and for kogyoku and don’t think she is the naive caracter just because she is sugarcoat with her brother. No seriously she was forgoten by her family her entire childhood, thank to kouen and judal she own vinea and acknowledgement, and after magnostat she became general thanks to her brother so yes she is agree with them and want to protect them. And all the caracter are hypocryte kou, sin and his team even hakuryuu and it interesting like that.

magi chapter 278
If thing went the way it should have been, he’d be serving under Hakuyuu as a general.

Hakuei betrayal done so far was just letting darius and 10k knights reinforce hakuryuu, but what had darius done so far other than giving some speech. Yamato is the one snipe down koumei and kouha was restraint by zepared kougyoku, and all of these will still happen even hakuei did not betray kouen. Heck if koumei really just go down like this then it is entirely possible to just end kaan battle without sending darius there but instead concentrating on taking down kouen or guard against Reim intervention. Losing AT help is actually the main reason for kouen downfall, there is no way hakuei can travel all the way from tenzan to sinbad’s ship without alerting kouen if hakuryuu didnt cripple AT. Actually the current develpment really made kouen tasting the same shit hakuryuu once experience before, like how kouen once choose to betray hakuryuu and side with AT and now hakuei betray him and side with her brother, hakuryuu get overwhelmed by western Kou after he lost judar and kouen get outmanuvered by SSA after he lost AT support, western Kou use greater good to justified themselves to kill hakuryuu and now SSA also use greater good to justified themselves to kill kouen, hakuryuu got screw by phenex curse just before his big battle with arba and now kouha got screw by zepared kougyouku in the middle of a big battle. Whats left will probably be hakuryuu losing his two siblings while we are still not sure whether koumei is really dead or not, but if koumei is really dead then count this one in as well.

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The emperor isn’t related to the government, One Piece 798 Chapter, I think it’s just a name for the top four pirate crews in the New World. If I recall correctly, the shichibukai were created so they could help deal with an Emperor if it got to that point. Anyway, this chapter was dull, but it had good emotional closure.

one piece 798 manga scans
Hopefully this stops the delusion that Rebecca will join the crew when it was obvious she was never going to when she shared her dream. I thought Luffy knocked out those snipers but in a not-so-strong way because he didn’t need to, or because he couldn’t as he was moving.

I also don’t understand the problem of Luffy and why he thinks he has to interfer in such a situation. I remember him in the Arlong arc were he didn’t lift a finger until nami asked him for help. The same goes for Alabasta and FI arc. But now we have Luffy the social worker type who is doing his utmost to reunite families even though he is oblivious to his own family matters and not really interested in them. Then we have Oda like in the main faight of the arc throwing in too many big names as if Fujitora isn’t bad enough that he is on the island Oda than throws in Sengoku someone who rivaled WB and Roger in strength. Why does he do it. Not only that Sengoku is known to be the best strategist and Tsuru the best tactican so if the WG doesn’t catch most of the pirates it would seem like a total asspull from Oda cause besides Law most pirates on the island are idiots that rival Luffy and Zoro in stupidity. Luffy should be the person sengoku and Tsuru should be able to read easily cause everything Luffy does Garp would most likely woudl have done the same way too and Sengoku+ Tsuru grew up with garp in the marine school.

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Perhaps that is one point mayuri has in his favor here even over urahara. Bleach 640 Chapter, It is possible to biologically affect aizen at that point. However in here we have to consider that it is in fact absolutely impossible for mayuri to kill aizen.

bleach 640 manga
The chair thing aizen is currently on is the result of SS inability to execute the guy.

And it is entirely possible that aizen’s current power is inferior to the one he had against ichigo. Also worth noting, aizen didn’t quite loose because he got arrogant. His arrogance was entirely justified, he transcended shinigami powers. Ichigo overpowered him but it was not quite that that made him loose. The orb took a significant portion of the power aizen and in that reduced state the kido urahara used earlier was able to work. Which is an oversight but for the most part the result of something which absolutely no one planned for, aizen loosing his power. Aizen lost by accident.

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Again, I honestly don’t see how reviving somebody would help in Tartaros, especially if you are talking about fighting Acnologia and the Faces. Fairy Tail 448 Scans, I happen to not believe that FH has something to do with revival, if anything, I’m guessing that it has to do with destruction.

fairy tail 448 prediction
That’s the only way for it to make sense to use it during Tartaros when the Faces were activated along with Acnologia.

I admit that I am probably wrong, but if it has something to do with massive destruction or a significant boost to one side, then I would imagine it to make sense. I don’t even think the one magic can revive somebody because if it could, there should be no problem to tell people about it. The fact that Mavis hid it from FT tells me that the one magic probably could be good if obtained by the good side, but total destruction if it falls into evil possession. I thought mavis and makarov both know who END is the way Makarov reacted when zeref said natsu’s name indiicates Makarov does know the real secret and reality of natsu being END hence he doesn’t totally care. As for mavis she landed up in the same situation as zeref, she like zeref is immortal to a certain extent and lost a best friend and prolly wanted to revive or bring it back from the dead so i wouldn’t be surprised if she knows natsu is END im sure aside from zeref mavis must know and i believe makarov also knew somehow as well, for all we know mavis’s best friend might still also be alive and kicking somewhere.

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