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KarinĀ naruto gaiden 711 chapter being the actual mother of sarada is hilarious after all the covering up. Also did anyone else notice karin had one side of her head shaved.

naruto 711 manga
The day when I can kick back and relax at work because I’m the only guy in the “office”. So what should I do? Play games? Watch “educational” movies? Then do my best to explain to the boss that the reason why the internet usage will be through the roof, is because some hags overuse their wireless shitting on Facebook instead of working, or that some hacker has “decrypted” the wireless key and is freeloading. And those are Totally not white stains on a black desk.

Okay, I admit that Sarada parts were actually heartwarming to me. The adoption of all Shins, however, was a bit too much. Nice seeing Kabuto, but IMO that hair doesn’t really suit him; nice seeing Karin, too. I like her portrayal in the chapter. Also, Ino’s hair is suddenly shorter. Overall, heh, the Gaiden was indeed too short for any proper development, especially in relation to Shin but I’m actually pretty okay with it. I would like to clarify that karin is not sarada’s mothers . She was the nanny she just delivered sarada ,like a doctor in today’s time. Sakura was the mother, as it has been mentioned the umbilical cord was from sakura, i.e sarada was in her womb.

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Fujitora’s actions are well thought out one piece 793 chapter. He isn’t getting on his knees willy nilly.

one piece 793 manga
Anyways, things are bound to be very interesting. doflamingo’s defeat along with fujitora’s agenda is bound to have a huge short term impact in the world.

He’s aiming to sway opinions at the reverie that’s coming up. If his goal is to disband the Shichibukai, then the best way to do it is to publicly broadcast one of the heads of the marines bowing in apology to a king of a nation who was harmed by a warlord where the marines played no part in taking him down. Also he knows that if he contacted marine headquarters before he moved on his own, it’s going to be swept under the rug like what happened with Crocodile. Now in addition to Neptune, Riku will also be attending instead of Doflamingo so that will be one more in opposition and one less in favor of government sanctioned piracy than before. I’m curious about this list. Anyways, I’ve been thinking that since it was mentioned that the weapons are made elsewhere. if it’ll lead to that Kaidou controlled island where Drake X landed. Maybe Kaidou was trading weapons to Doflamingo in exchange for the smiles.

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Yhwach bleach 634 chapter, but whatever choice he may have made at 13 isn’t necessarily reflective of how he feels after a thousand years of being chained to Yhwach’s side. The honeymoon is long since over. He was for example, openly resigned to taking Ichigo back for re-education rather than enthusiastic.

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Unless he makes Bach completely mad that he forgets himself Haschwalth is reasonably safe from being killed by His Majesty because of his usefulness. Nevertheless, I am sure Bach has ways to also punish someone useful like him if he feels that Haschwalth needs to be taught a lesson.

There is also the fact that he is protective of Bazz. If that arrow had gotten near Yhwach at that first meeting, Bazz would be dead the next instant. If he hadn’t stopped Bazz’s outburst at the succession meeting, what would have happened? We know Yhwach doesn’t tolerate that sort of thing. That doesn’t even touch that Bazz still uses a pet name for him rather than his title. I don’t use pet names for higher-ups unless I’m actually close friends with them, do you? It’s always “address by title” at functions unless we are close. At best, his loyalties are divided. That doesn’t make for a very loyal right hand man. Sasakibe was the definition of “loyal right hand” follow Yamamoto, nothing more. This is different. Whose side is Jugo truly on? Where do his sympathies lie?

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Hoenstly magi 273 manga, don’t take this the wrong way, but at time it seems that hardcore Hakuryuu fans,not only here but everywhere else seem to be incredibly biased,most of them go gaga.

magi 273 manga
Let us wipe the slate, regarding Hakutokus assassination, I think he might actually have been killed by some rebels rather than Al Thamen, becoz if as you said, Hakuyuu and Hakuren knew about their mom being a major player in their dads death, then I would assume that they were competent enough to not be completely murdered, for crying out loud,

Everytime somebody says that ‘Hakuryuu is right in this regard’ and nobody reacts to counter-claims about that nicely at all, and it is the same every time Hakuryuu says something, without looking whether there is more to it, than just Hakuryuu and his followers believing so. I’m not sure what you find moronic about their thoughts? Why should only Kouen and his brothers be responsible? Their subordinates are just as much to blame as they themselves. They decided that they want to serve and fight for their masters, so naturally even if they don’t know what Kouen and his brothers did, they still fight for them. They are too ignorant of the possibility of their master actually being wrong or guilty for something, or they don’t want to admit it. Which is why they will fight for them and protect them until they die. If the subordinates know about Al Thamen or not became completely irrelevant. And the generals simply feel guilty for doing nothing, which is why they’d accept their own death, as long as it is while fighting for what they believe in.

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It thinkĀ fairy tail 443 manga its very possible that Gildarts and Makarov could die later in the series so maybe they will try to defeat END and maybe turn Natsu back to normal and they will get killed by him.

fairy tail 443 english
I hope Natsu is the first to learn about being END without any one else knowing, would add drama for his character a bit. I’m sure he wouldn’t be too happy about that, if he learned the origins about END himself he’d probaly want to leave Fairy Tail to not hurt any one.

Or i guess that only one of them would get killed by END because having 2 important charaters get killed at the same time by the same villain would not feel right. Yeah i forgot about Gildarts Natsu may lose all his father figure. That would be such an impact! But i think the one/ones who will bring back Natsu to normal is Gray and Lucy. Maybe the shocking development is that fairies are real,but i do wonder if we will see fairies before the end of series and how they compare in terms of power to dragons. If Natsu, and Gray fights, I hope Lucy isn’t there, she will ruin it. They need to solve that problem on their own. I want them to fight to the death, also I want Natsu to Sacrifice or something at the end of the show. That will make the series amazing but don’t get me wrong, I like natsu alot.

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