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Nitro are not able to obtain pair toriko 314 spoiler, so they send their blue nitro Kaka as an undercover among the Toriko and co, so that she can steal it from them in order to obtain pair.

toriko 314 scans

Things don’t look good and since Kaka is believing that they won’t obtain pair. She’ll let Bambina kill Toriko and co, she is going to finish off Komatsu because he’s a threat to neo’s whole plan. Kaka is bad blue nitro that was missing. Fight is probably going to end on next chapter and with in 10 seconds. Not sure how will they do 1000 moves. Since the beginning they knew that Kaka was bad one. As i said Coco usually knows everything was is going on. I have to see pictures before i can tell more about this chapter because i dont understand half of it.

Bleach 617 Spoiler – Aizen Is Back

Plus there’s the hogyoku bleach 617 spoiler. It can easily take him from 0 to a 100 real quick.

bleach 617 scans

Whichever one it is, he is valuable enough for ywach to list him as a SWP and personally attempt to recruit him while yama seemed worried about him being released. Now kyoraku as CC has approached him, they are all aware of his situation and yet he is still revered so. He is an asset no doubt. The big mysterious shadowy godly appendix aside, I’m surprised to see that Bazz is still alive, I thought Bach ate the ranked Quincy. Also, as we could’ve (and did) guess, Shunsui’s gone to see Aizen. The way the chapter ended has me wondering what he’ll come out looking like. It could be quite cool if he’s all scruffy to contrast his slick, white outfitted, physics-defying hairdo’d look.

One Piece 778 Spoiler – Redemtion

They’re hard to deal damage to because they’re elemental one piece 778 manga, but haki negates that advantage. And Luffy does have attacks capable of one-shotting Trebol, I’d say.

one piece 778 chapter

The fact that the focus of the chapter was on Pica and Zoro does not imply that the title of Pica vs. Zoro wasn’t misleading. A more appropriate title would have been “Plan E”. Just simply leave it at that. There was one blow exchanged in the whole chapter between the two. Make the next chapter Pica vs Zoro. I’m guessing he did it this way because he wants to name the next chapter after a new attack or some such. But I mean you don’t say “fighter and fighter” in boxing or UFC, then tune in and it’s one fighter chasing the other around while they go throw cheap shots at the passing audience members. Hell, “Zoro Pursues Pica” would be more accurate.


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