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Read the latest fairy tail 487 spoiler and summaries here. fairy tail 487 chapter scan spoiler will be released on tuesday night or thursday morning. We just see Sasuke give it to him, and he never gives it back and he has it in this time skip forward. I just assumed he kept it, thought its very possible he gave it back.

fairy tail chapter 487
And that makes sense, i just figured most ‘damage’ to the host was done when fighting vs the beast aka what Naruto was doing when he didn’t get along with Kurama. But after Chakra mode and gaining Hashirama’s cells, everything would smooth over.

But again, as you said nothing is definitive bceause that part wasn’t really covered. Naruto has Kurama inside him, and we know Kurama is rather shrewd and nowhere near as naive as Naruto. Plus Naruto has shikamaru with him a lot. Yeah, he’d definitely get weaker sitting behind a desk but it’s a pretty big leap to assume he got so weak that he could be bested in battle like that. Even with Kurama and access to sage mode.

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Read the latest hunter x hunter 356 spoiler and summaries here. hunter x hunter 356 chapter scan spoiler will be released on tuesday night or thursday morning. Chrollo is a badass and giving specific orders on how to trigger the sun and moon explosions. I agree with the previous user that Chrollo said “crouch down, that’s right” because he was controlling one of the puppets to activate the explosion the moment the head returned to Hisoka’s hand.

hunter x hunter 356 Release
He literally waited for the EXACT moment the head returned to Hisoka’s hand so there was no escape. I’m really worried for Hisoka now. he lost a hand before but he planned on it.

I have doubts about this. Chrollo’s job at that point was to keep Hisoka’s focus on him, and if Shalnark’s nen was already active before the fight started, it isn’t likely that Shalnark would have been picked out of the audience. They’re also in Heaven’s Arena, so active nen around the place isn’t an unusual occurrence. With everything which has been said, i’ve to admit that is still in the realm of possibilities. It’s like proving the non-existence of God, or pink invisible unicorn: you can’t.

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Boruto Chapter 2 Prediction

This topic is for posting and discussing boruto Chapter 2 spoilers. As far as I see Naruto is still using thousands of Kage Bunshin all the time, IIRC in the novel he states to Shikamaru that with so much Shadow Clones at the same time, he couldn’t do much than sit on a chair be done with it. So in order to go in person to family events, sending a Shadow Clone is the only option he has.

boruto 2 chapter manga
Though I also agree that it is a forced conflict, at least to me the main problem is that Naruto is new to the position, he was never good in delegating tasks to others and except for Sasuke and a few other situations, he isn’t really much of a team player. He also had to fill very large shoes, since all previous Kage seem to have managed Konoha well enough to always improve the life of the villagers.

It is much like when a grad student finally starts to teach and do everything to try to be cool and better than their teachers, after a time, they usually see that the students would only respond to a degree and no one would really acknowledge the efforts they do behind the scenes, then they start to relax, they incorporate some of their teachers habits while keeping something new, and things starts to run smooth. In the end it seem that this is the way Naruto is going as a father, after a period of adjustment to his new position he would become a better father.

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