One Piece Chapter 784 | One Piece 784 Scans New

The way one piece 784 manga I see it is Luffy doesn’t have the luxury to drag this fight out because the birdcage is steadily closing in on them. Also, Luffy’s current attacks aren’t having much of an impact on Doflamingo.

one piece 784 scans
The first would be that luffy mastered the combination of gear 2 and 3. He used it once against moria but it was extremely taxing on him. It would be interesting if gear 4 has something to do with haki too… The second would be luffy inflating himself beyond gear third, to the point where there wouldn’t be anywhere to move air around. Basically, luffy turns himself into a giant. A giant, full bodied haki black monster. The issue with this is that it seems dangerous considering he would be a pretty big target. On the other hand his physical strength would be insane. Perhaps a step further would be that but compressing of air within his body. So he gets the benefit of gear 3 without turning into a giant. The air would be an issue to his speed but he would hit much harder. Years ago when discussing possibilities someone brought up vulcanization to make luffy’s rubber much harder. I think this would be an interesting alternative too.

Although Luffy has been doing well to match Doflamingo up until this point, he simply isn’t doing enough to bring the tyrant down. Gear Fourth will turn the tides and end this fight. To be honest the chapter had more drama than what it deserved. Just give law a rest for now… and get him to freaking chopper, we know he isn’t going to die at least. And the bit with doflamingo looking back at luffy… It didn’t seem necessary. It makes sense doflamingo would know about luffy after the marineford events but him suspecting luffy had something to do with what happened to crocodile is almost a pretty wild guess.  I also take issue with no one helping luffy. As far as we have seen zoro and cavendish at least are in reasonably good condition. Sure, the chapter said they would get in the way but I still call bullshit on that. Its just a weak and somewhat unbelievable plot device to make luffy fight the big bad. And even then right now doflmaingo being that big a threat in general is not particularly believable. In worst case scenario he won’t get out of fighting luffy without taking at least some serious damage considering doflmaingo is already pretty injured. With that in mind he would still have to fight pretty much everyone left. Which includes a bunch of injured coloseum fighters, cavendish and particularly zoro who does not seem very wounded. Doflamingo already lost, he just hasn’t figured it out.

Bleach Chapter 624 | Bleach 624 Scans New

Well, Auswahlen is said to be fatal to every target and I’d expect bleach 624 raw Yhwach to know that through experience. But even Uryu’s mother, who was a mixed blood and said to be frail already, took a few months to die after Auswahlen.

bleach 624 manga

In the case of these Sternritter who were the cream of the Quincy crop, I’d expect it to take a while for the loss of their power to take its toll. So I’d argue that Uryu is still special. On Ichigo, it’s not even clear if he was selected for Auswahlen. With his unique background I wouldn’t be surprised if Yhach let him live out of interest. It’s still odd that the SR could use their powers though, especially considering Masaki couldn’t even use Blut after she was robbed. I hear you, I hear you. But honestly, at this rate, can we really say it’s not possible? Dat Schrift ain’t gonna reveal itself. Which, again, is why I’m guessing. And why I’m using the manga to support what I think is a good argument, especially when the situation, as has been said repeatedly, is ambiguous and varying.

Magi Chapter 262 | Magi 262 Scans New

That depends on a lot of variable magi 262 scanss, first are they artificial magicians like the ones Kouha had, case if so the Edgelord will have even more magicians (as if AT hasnt enough for him).

magi 261 scans

If they are expert magoi manipulators or diferent species being used as diferent test subjects like the ones of the first Balbadd arc, fused with dungeon monsters and then hakuryuu bounds with them and they get houssehold vessels, oh boy Hakuryuu will probably have a stronger army than his Sister´s 100 houssehold vessels, it all depends on the type of powers they got from the experiments really for all we know Kouha´s followers and those 3 human-dungeon monster hybrids introduced at the beginning of the Balbadd arc are nothing more than failed experiments, in Kouha´s army Leraje even pointed out his followers were failed experiments too, so if Hakuryuu can get stronger followers than those (“sucessful experiments) and power them up with: black rukh, houssehold vessels, etc… then he could become a global threat but I will wait and see for myself if that happens or not.

Fairy Tail Chapter 428 | Fairy Tail 428 Scans New

Wow how wrong was fairy tail 428 scans I! Me thinking that Avatar is going to last longer than a few chapters! And by the way where the hell is Mary She was not shown once in the chapter.

fairy tail 428 spoiler
Gray will obviously give Natsu a big battle and i Think the defeated Avatar members will fight other weaker characters in the future. Its probably Mary, Jerome, Brier and the priest that are the important members that will get the biggest battles because the last chapter focused on them the most and the members that got defeated now almost got no attention.

I am going to change my mind either Mary or Jerome is the spy. And tbh so far the members of Avatar use pretty bad magic, I mean what magic did D-6 even use. So 3 main members of Avatar got one shotted, but I did not really care about those characters anyway. This Avatar bit will probably be finished in a few chapters so it can move on to the main focus of the arc which is getting back the members of Fairy Tail. Saying all this though the highlight of the chapter for me was Virgo  Next week Gray vs Natsu. I am going to call it now either Natsu wins or it is going to be a stalemate. The chapter was really good. We got to see another of Lucy’s star dresses. So that’s Leo and Virgo done, now let’s find out what the others are. This shows Natsu’s strength a lot more. These powerful dark mages getting taken down without much hassle shows that Natsu is so much more powerful now. I liked the final page, Natsu and Gray are off to fight! Finally! A serious(maybe Natsu will try to get Gray to the light side during it(my prediction)) fight between the two.


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